Request Policy

I am currently OPEN to review requests.

At this time, I am NOT accepting:
1. Non-fiction requests: I’m pretty particular about the non-fiction I choose to read, and overall it’s not a genre I’m overly interested in.
2. Audiobooks: My reading comprehension is miles above my listening comprehension, so audiobooks tend to get put on and quickly dissolve into the background. If you have a book for me to review, I want to be able to give it my full attention.

I AM accepting:
– Physical copies: ARCs or hardcovers
– Digital copies (I have a Kindle and am able to convert files)

Genres I read:
– Mystery / crime / (psychological) thriller
– Horror
– Historical Fiction
– Fantasy
– Science Fiction
– Contemporary YA

In your review request, please include the following:
1. The book summary
2. The release date
3. Any other relevant information to me. Why do you think this book would be a good fit for me based on what you’ve discovered from my blog?
4. A realistic time frame of when you expect the review to be posted

I’m a slightly harsh reviewer (my Goodreads average rating is only a 3.4; books need to blow me away to receive a 5-star rating), so if you’re not okay with receiving a potentially negative review, I might not be a good fit to send a review request to. Just because I agree to read your book doesn’t mean I’ll automatically give it 5 stars. By sending a review request to me, you are acknowledging that a review may be negative.

If you feel that you have a book that fits the criteria listed above, please send review requests and other inquiries to my email: