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February Wrap Up

I can’t believe spring is only two weeks away and that we’re already a full week into March. February was a really good month for me. In terms of media, this was a typical, slow month for me. I watched two movies this month: The Menu (★★★★★, fight me) and The Strays (★★); played an embarrassing amount of Dead by Daylight; and started the newest season of Diablo III (sorcerer class til death).

More importantly, I prided myself on reading ten books again for the month! I’m currently five books ahead of schedule to hit my reading goal for the year, which is a great feeling. I somewhat feel myself hitting a wall with reading, but I do think it’s simply because I’m slugging through a young adult fantasy when my bones are screeching and itching for more of this horror obsession that I’m currently in (this isn’t really any different than any other time of the year for me, but shh).

Most of my reads came from the Black History Month readathon I did, but I managed to sneak in three others. These are all the books I read in February with ratings below:

I wrote a full review for The Last Take of the Flower Bride, which was a BookoftheMonth pick for me. It was easily one of my favorite reads of the month and potentially the year. I know it’s early, but it’s one that I’m still thinking about a month later. I also read All the Beautiful Lies which I was disappointed with. It was a standard thriller that didn’t hold my attention; truthfully I don’t even remember what happens at the end. I was so turned off by the son finding his step-mom sexually attractive and the relationship that developed after his father passed away.

The Writing Retreat was by other BOTM pick, and it, too, left a lot to be desired. I was hoping for an eerie, atmospheric book about women being forced to write their magnum opus and fighting to outshine one another. This book started that way, but eventually it took a hard turn and quickly spiraled out of control. The plot became ridiculous, and I could no longer take it seriously.

As always, here’s my favorite part of the wrap up posts: stats and charts!

Compared to last month, I read more emotional books and way less adventurous ones, which makes sense given the subject matter of the books I read. I also read about half as many dark books, although I read roughly the same amount of mysterious and tense ones.

I read way more YA books this month (last month I only read one), but mysteries were still at the top of the list. I read about the same about of LGBTQIA+ stories, zero fantasy compared to last month, and only one less horror novel.

I don’t have any readathons or major goals for March, although I’ll probably pick away at my BOTM picks for the month and hopefully chip away at my physical tbr pile. That’s always wishful thinking, but at least if I say I might do it, I feel less guilty than just completely ignoring it.

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