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Reflecting on 2022 Reading Goals + Setting New Ones

This has been an incredibly difficult year for me in many ways, but especially when it came to my reading habits. While I had some highs sprinkled in, I found myself in the worst reading slump I’ve ever been in throughout almost the entire year. I set some suuuuper low-stress reading goals for myself, and I’m relieved because it meant I achieved almost all of them! I thought it would be fun to reflect on those as well as create new reading goals for 2023. Here are my reading goals from 2022:

1. Read hopefully at least 50 books
2. Review the books I want to review
3. Keep chugging away at my tbr pile
4. Rebuild my library

1. Read hopefully at least 50 books – yes
I set my reading goal to only 50 this year compared to the 100 before because I wanted to take pressure and stress off reading. It’s my favorite hobby, and I always felt like creating a reading goal for myself took the fun away from it. I managed to read 54 books this year, but what’s funny is that I found myself uninterested in getting out of my reading slump because I didn’t have an arbitrary number to hold me accountable. I’m not sure how to balance that out, or if it’s even possible, haha.

2. Review the books I want to review – yes
This was an interesting goal to make, as it was also low stress for me, and unfortunately it had the same affect that setting a low reading goal did. It makes sense that the less I read, the less I had to review. However, I found myself slipping from this blog a few times, where I wanted to write up a review, but never got around to it because I told myself not to stress out about it. I still refer to my physical tbr list to keep track of which books I want to review, but the pile of “books read to review” is rapidly getting higher than the “reviewed books” category.

3. Keep chugging away at my tbr pile – no
It’s funny that I had only 43 books on my physical tbr list, when I started the year, because now I’m at 50! I’m starting to believe I will never get my tbr list completely to zero without removing some of the books that I’ve lost interest in or haven’t read in a lot of years. House of Leaves has been on my tbr since 2011; I need to either finally suck it up and tackle it or add it to the donation pile.

4. Rebuild my library – yes!
This was one of the first things I did in 2022: renovated my spare bedroom into a library with completely new shelves. It’s easily become my favorite room in the entire house and I couldn’t be happier with it.

Here are my reading goals for 2023:

1. Read 100 books
Look. Will I inevitably hate myself for doing this? Probably. Will I scramble mid-year when I realize I’m most likely not going to hit my goal and lower it to a cool 75 or even 50 so I don’t feel like a failure for not meeting a goal? Also probably. However, setting a low goal clearly did not work in my favor this year, and if I hold myself accountable on reading a high number of books, I will hopefully feel inclined to read more and create more here.

2. Participate in more readathons
I had a lot of fun with readathons this year – Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Pride Month, and Hispanic Heritage Month. I discovered so many different authors whose work I came to absolutely adore that I otherwise might not have ever picked up! I’m unsure what my plan is for right now, whether I do completely different readathons or if I do the same ones I did last year but include even more. I have lots of plans for this blog, though, so we’ll see!

3. Clean up my tbr pile, both physical and ebook
At the time of writing this, I have 50 books on my physical tbr and 362 ebooks. I already went through and deleted around 100 ebooks that I was no longer interested in, and I’d love to finish doing that. I also think it’s time for me to clean up my physical tbr. For comparison’s sake, I started this year at 534 books in my physical library, with 44 of them unread. I’m currently at 586 owned books and 50 unread, which means I maintained the same 8% from last year of unread books that I own.

4. Get caught up on and maintain book reviews
This one is a little vague to give me that push I need without overwhelming me. I’d love to catch up on all the reviews that I have planned, and I have ideas for ways to do so. I also saw a fellow book blogger who does mini reviews of the last five books she’s read each week or month, and I think it’s a great way to maintain reviews without feeling so overwhelmed. Sometimes it’s just difficult to write a full review about a book, especially when they’re in that middle gray 3-star range, but mini reviews are totally doable.

5. Continue to read more diverse books
I’ve found myself reading a lot more books that either are written by or are about POC and LGBT+ people, especially with all the readathons I’ve done. There’s also a strong connection between those books and the amount of high/five-star reviews I’ve written. Reading (and reviewing!) books about or by non-white, non-cishet people has been a wonderful, refreshing change of pace, and I can’t wait to keep that up not only in 2023 but as long as I’m a reader.

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