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My Year in Books 2021

I’m a stats nerd, so I thought I would share my summary of books I’ve read in 2021!
Here is my reading goal which includes every book I read this year.

I don’t particularly like the info Goodreads offers, but here are a few noteworthy parts:
Shortest Book: Alien (2021) comic at 23 pages
Longest Book: The Institute by Stephen King at 561 pages
Average book length: 312 pages
Average rating for 2021: 3.5

I also used TheStoryGraph to track my books this year, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t anticipating the end of this year purely to check out my reading stats from this site! I do have to mention that one of the books I read (I think a comic?) was not yet in the catalogue, so my stats are for 99 books and not 100.

The fiction vs nonfiction variance cracks me up, especially because the only nonfiction I read this year was a compilation of poems
My favorite part of TheStoryGraph is being able to rate books in increments of .25! Goodreads told me my average rating was a 3.5, and I’d say that’s probably a good average, but it’s fun to see how I really rated everything.

4 thoughts on “My Year in Books 2021

  1. Nice job reading 100 books! 🙂 I might have to check out TheStoryGraph. It’s fun seeing graphs and pie charts. I created my a few of my own from a spreadsheet I keep of books that I read throughout the year, so nothing really detailed or anything like these. I hope you have an amazing 2022!


    1. Thank you! There are a lot of things I like about Goodreads, and I’ve been using it for a decade so it’s hard to cut ties completely, but I love TheStoryGraph so much more because of all the stats. You can check them throughout the year too, which I really like. I don’t know how you survive with a spreadsheet haha!

      And thank you! I hope you do as well! 🙂

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      1. i decided to download thestorygraph and check it out. i’ll probably still use my spreadsheet and goodreads too haha. i have one main spreadsheet with different pages where i keep track of the books i read (title, author, month i read it, rating, and if it’s an owned or borrowed book) and then another sheet within that one of the books i buy throughout the year. it’s not really detailed or anything, so it’s easier keep up with it. i’ve seen people make spreadsheets with genre, number of pages, etc., but i don’t have time or patience to do that much haha.


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